Berns / Köbberling / Weiss



„A piano trio like a soufflé: light, swinging, delicate…This band has no reason to shy away from international comparison, they sound frighteningly perfect.“ Tom R. Schulz, Northern German Radio


„It’s their first album as a trio and they successfully transform their uncompromising musical concepts and ideas into vivid and colourful contemporary improvised music. An impressive debut out now on the German JazzHausMusik label.“ Claire Martin, BBC


„As instrumentalists as well as composers Berns / Köbberling / Weiss interlock like a Swiss clockwork. They have a fondness for clearly structured melodies without loosing a sense for rhythmic finesse. The title Resolve is well chosen: There is no doubt that the trio can still find new facets within the format piano / bass / drums. Each musician discreetly stands at the centre of attention without trying to dominate the others.“ Ulf Drechsel, Radio Berlin Brandenburg


„This CD finds three established German sidemen work together…From this first collaboration you can tell they know how to listen to one another and step back when necessary.Berns, Köbberling and Weiss are not one of the new-fashioned piano trios that thrive on Rock and Pop music. Quite the opposite: they foster a song-like minimalism that resembles the tradition of Bill Evans. This forms the perfect basis for a performance on eye level that is devoid of vanity and strenuousness.“ Josef Engels, RONDO      


„One can argue that a band name like Berns/Köbberling/Weiss does not stand out for its originality, however, the program of this jazz trio from Berlin does exactly this. Rather than getting lost in superficial showmanship, they perform finely tuned compositions that cover all the shades of the piano trio genre, ranging from almost meditative ballads to up-tempo swing. In the highly competitive market of the piano trio there are many adaptations of pop music. Not so here: these are almost classic pieces of timeless appeal. The most exciting compositions were placed at the end of the evening: Sebastian Weiss flirts with the romantics and cleverly adapts songs from Robert Schumann’s  “Dichterliebe”. This sounds like a new “German Songbook”, a lively “Play Schumann”, reminding us almost of the young Keith Jarrett, and it has the capacity to finally bridge the gap between Jazz and Classical.“ Hartmut Schmidt, HNA


„In the triptych “Getting there – for Miles” these three established musicians play at their very best. If Esbjorn Svensson were still alive, he would be delighted to hear the interaction and sheer joy in the music! In “Peach Blossom” the trio weaves a fabric of gentle sounds and airy melodies that seem to reverberate for hours on end. The last two tracks are an experiment that could have easily gone wrong: But translating Robert Schumann’s songs into the trio format works remarkably well and leaves you wanting more. Especially the last track “Die Rose, die Lilie, die Taube – for Luca” shows the great respect with which the trio interprets and expands on the original version using sensitivity and care. An album that might not strike you in the beginning, but upon repeated listening it will send you on a quiet journey into completely unexpected spaces and leave a lasting impression. More, please!“ Christian Salentinig, Jazzdimensions


„The trio plays compact and haunting music under a nicely ticking groove.“ Jazzthing